Transforming Retail shelves to IoT

WiseShelf brings real time insight from standard retail shelves in traditional stores
enabling them to become a part of the IoT revolution

Main Features

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Smart on-shelf appliance

Installed on the store’s shelf, the WiseShelf is equipped with dozens of light sensors that detect the light level above them and send data through Wifi to the management application

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Real time alerts

The WiseShelf system prevents Out-Of-Stock situations by alerting when stock level gets low or critical

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Visual Planogram presentation

A row of colorful LED lights on the front of the shelf creates a visual on-shelf presentation of the planogram

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WiseShelf App

Our smart friendly app that provides both real time status information and analysis data

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Analytics and Insights

The WiseShelf system analyzes the data that has been collected from the shelves and produces business insights

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On-shelf position control

The WiseShelf system detects the location of products on the shelves to avoid bad positioning

Stock replenishment scenario

low stock status on wiseshelf

Stock level goes below a pre-defined level

real time messages

A message is sent to the designated employee

full stock on wiseshelf

As the employee is looking for the location of the goods to be replenished, he may flash the LEDs light for quick visual identification. Upon completing the task, the LEDs will turn off

Out of stock facts

Out of stock situations leads to 4% in loss of sales

~8% of items are Out of stock at any point in time

40% of the shoppers will encounter 1 Out of stock problem on any trip

Out of stock cost retailers a total of $550BN in lost sales annually

In 1/3 of Out of stock situations the product is in the store but not on the shelf

Why choose WiseShelf?

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Increase revenues per meter

Never wonder whether a product is running out. WiseShelf keeps you completely updated at all times

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Save on manpower

Achieve perfect efficiency in products replenishment

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Increase Customers' satisfaction

Never let your customers leave without everything they came for

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Better planogram compliance

Placing every product exactly where it should be was never easier

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Better planning

Both retailers and suppliers can use the system’s insights to perfectly plan ahead

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Improving the business

The data collected from the shelves can be used by anyone in the organization who may use this accurate information for their needs

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Successful retailers constantly evolve and adapt to the ever changing needs of their customers

McKinsey, in a recent article, identified innovative ways retailers are attempting to reduce shrink, particularly for perishables and short shelf life items, such as bread, grocery, ready-to-eat and ready-to-heat. see full article here.)

WiseShelf named among 50 global tech start-ups powering the new retail world

The Discovery 50 report, published 28th April 2020 by RWRC, showcases the world’s top tech
start-ups and shines a light on innovative solutions that can support the retail sector – both
during the pandemic and in the future (access the Discovery 50 report in full here.) and press release here

Increase Sales by 4%

Out-of-stocks are still the biggest driver of sales loss in retail, accounting for more than 4% of lost revenue, the technology exists to obtain real-time data from the shelf and has delivered a 50% reduction in OOS. for the full article

SuperPharm Case Study

Israel’s leading drugstore, SuperPharm implements WiseShelf’s patented technology solution across all categories and approx. 4,500 SKU’s
see full article here

Wiseshelf has been selected by Planet Retail /EHI as one of the seven most innovative tech at Euroshop 2017

The organizers of the trade show have noted WiseShelf as one of the 7 most innovative solutions at the show. Scheduled visits of German & International retailers are planned at WiseShelf booth (7a G28) throughout the duration of the show.
“We are very excited about this opportunity & exposure” says Shalom Nakdimon, WiseShelf’s CEO. “We are geared to demonstrate how the retail industry can adapt itself to the digital era & utilize our technology for increasing its profitability & maximizing customer’s satisfaction.”

Publicis invests in WiseShelf

Following the win of WiseShelf at publicis90 competition (Platinum award) Publicis has made an investment in WiseShelf at the end of 2016.

Nielsen invests in WiseShelf

Nielsen, through its investment arm Nielsen innovate has invested in WiseShelf in mid 2016.

WiseShelf system is to be installed at Monoprix, Paris


A first pilot installation of WiseShelf is about to be installed soon in Monoprix store in center of Paris.

WiseShelf to attend Euroshop


Euroshop is the largest international retail trade show.
WiseShelf will present its solutions at Hall 7a, Booth G28.

Industrial manufacturer leader selects WiseShelf as its partner

One of Europe’s leading industrial manufacturers selects WiseShelf as its partner for their innovative “Shelf of the Future” initiative.
WiseShelf system will be embedded in the new concept with the responsibility of providing real time stock information and alerts.

WiseShelf received the Platinum award at Publicis90 startup competition

With over 3,500 competitors, from 130 countries, WiseShelf has received the Platinum award as the most promising startup in a festive event held at Vivatechnology Paris event. The judges at the competition were famous industry leaders from companies such as Cisco, IBM, Facebook, Google, as well as top VCs & investors. Following this win, Publicis becomes a shareholder in the company

WiseShelf has been selected as one of Israel’s 50 most promising startups

WiseShelf has been invited to present its solutions in front of thousands of visitors that attended StarTau annual startup event in Tel Aviv