About us

What we do

WiseShelf addresses one of the biggest challenges of the retail world: availability of products on the shelf. We provide real time visibility to the most valuable asset of the store, the shelf.

Market Leaders

WiseShelf has taken the challenge of leading the “Smart Shelf” industry by offering a cutting edge technology, a simple and affordable implementation and an easy to use application.

Unique Technology

The WiseShelf’s unique multi-sensor appliance, detects the amount of products it carries and sends data to a cloud based patented algorithm. Real time alerts are sent to the retailer or suppliers application. In addition, on-shelf visual guidance simplifies the compliance to planograms and shelf replenishment processes.

Our Vision

Our vision is to optimize the store operation by minimizing shelf Out of Stock incidents, to improve supplier’s visibility to stock status and to enhance the consumer shopping experience.


Shalom Nakdimon

CEO and Co-Founder

A seasoned entrepreneur and expert in security camera and wireless technology implementations. Holding several patents in these fields

Yaeer Master

CTO and Co-Founder

A seasoned executive in software development and management with 10+ years’ experience at NICE Systems prior to joining WiseShelf

Oron Branitzky

Active Chairman

A veteran of the global retail technology industry, previously a senior executive of Eldat and then Pricer AB, responsible for annual revenues of $100M



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