wiseshelf alert icon

Real time alerts

The WiseShelf system prevents ‘out of stock’ situations by alerting when stock level gets low or critical

smart shelf icon

Smart on-shelf appliance

Installed on the store shelf, the WishShelf is equipped with dozens of light sensors that detect the light level above them and send data through Wifi to the management application

planogram icon

Visual Planogram presentation

A row of colorful LED lights on the front of the shelf creates a visual on-shelf presentation of the planogram

mobile icon

WiseShelf app

Our smart friendly app that provides both real time status information and analytic data

analysis icon

Analytics and insights

The WiseShelf system analyzes the data that has been collected from the shelves and produces business insights

products icon

On-shelf position control

The WiseShelf system detects the location of products on the shelf to avoid bad positioning


Products highlighting

Highlight products that are either under a special promo or require special attention

shopping cart

Hot product alert

Helps prepare to replenish the stock of products that have high demand


BI reports

Comprehensive analytic reports such as response time, cost of out of stock, stock demand forecasting and facing compliance

smart app

Update suppliers

The system may keep also the suppliers updated with the status of the products which are relevant to them

Stock replenishment scenario

low stock on wiseshelf

Stock level goes below a pre-defined level

online messaging

A message is sent to the designated employee

wiseshelf full stock

As the employee is looking for the location of the goods to be replenished, he may flash the LEDs light for quick visual identification. Upon completing the task, the LEDs will turn off