The Technology

Main components

WiseShelf developed a unique patented technology to detect and manage shelf inventory.
The system is composed of a basic hardware appliance, wireless communication network and a cloud based SW solution.

WiseShelf IoT appliance

The WiseShelf IoT appliance is mounted on top of any standard retail shelves. It is equipped with dozens of light sensors that detect the light level above them. The front panel of the shelf has multiple colored LED lights that allow visual presentation of shelf planogram and can highlight products that need attention or special promotions. the shelf communicates via wifi with the Aggregator.

WiseShelf Aggregator

The Aggregator is a device that collects data from dozens of shelves and transfers it to the cloud.

WiseShelf Cloud

A cloud based system that utilizes machine learning techniques to analyze the data stream from the shelves.
This data stream is processed and allows understanding the state of the products and event detection.
RT alerts and comprehensive analytics is performed in order to gain insights and optimize the store operation.

Planogram Integration

The WiseShelf system can be linked to the customer’s planogram . In cases where realogram is needed (alterations of the planogram) the system has unique realogram module that allows visual planogram alterations.

System architecture


WiseShelf IoT appliance

Sends stock and positioning data

wiseshelf wifi aggrigator

WiseShelf Aggregator

Collects the data from all the local shelves and sends it to the cloud

cloud messaging app and supplier

WiseShelf Cloud Server

Analyzes the data and sends re-stock alerts to the WiseShelf app and to the supplier if needed